Fractional CFO & Finance Strategy

Is your org in need of some finance horsepower? Let us assist in the budgeting process and implement forecasts and variance analysis to give your leadership much better insights into how you’re ACTUALLY performing.

B2B Payments w/Virtual Card Rebates

Still cutting paper checks? Eliminate the cost, fraud, and hassle by digitizing your accounts payable department. Combined with earning rebates by paying vendors with secure virtual cards, you can transform AP from a cost center to a revenue stream!

Digital Banking w/Early Earned Wage Access

If you could enhance the financial wellness of your employees for $0, would you? In additional to the typical banking services, give them access to early wage access and global fund transfers, all from one account! The employer benefits include enhanced vacancy attraction and a 40% reduction in turnover!

Expense Reduction & Optimization

Imagine lowering expenses with your existing vendors with no legwork or negotiation by your organization! No hassle, no disruption, just FOUND MONEY. Let our experts analyze your wireless, utility, laundry/linen, workers comp, and credit card fee statements to unlock savings on your behalf. There isn’t an easier way to lower expenses and boost profit!

Shipping Optimization Software

Are you dependent on a single provider? Not only can this software lower your shipping rates/cost, it will streamline logistics operations AND seamlessly include additional carriers to improve delivery performance & customer satisfaction.

Merger & Acquisition Advising

Contemplating growth via acquisition or selling your company? We can help! You need a partner, not just someone to transact. Ensuring a good match and smooth execution is the difference between a dream ending and a nightmare!